Watch the fun unfold in the time-lapse video of our 2013 Mulch Sale!


It takes over 100 students, parents and community members to make our mulch sale possible; so, we love our volunteers!

Learn about our volunteer opportunities

Committee Members (5)

Committee members meet once or twice per month starting in late November and at least once after the sale is over.

There are five committee positions:  Committee Chair, Dispatch Coordinator, Hospitality & Volunteer Coordinator, Treasurer and Marketing & Advertising.

Click here to see the names of our current committee members.

Delivery Trucks & Drivers (15-25)

Drivers are not required to lift bags of mulch!  All you need is a vehicle that can transport mulch and helpers and the ability to COUNT.  We provide you with young strong teenagers to help with the heavy lifting.  You only need to have a pickup, flatbed, box truck or open trailer with a load capacity of at least 1200 lbs.  NO ENCLOSED PASSENGER VEHICLES. 

Drivers are responsible for ensuring their vehicles are loaded with the right number of bags and that their delivery workers unload the right number of bags for each customer.


We ask that each driver commit to being available from 7am-noon on delivery day but any amount of time you can haul mulch is greatly appreciated!

Box Truck Drivers (2-4)

Drivers are not required to lift bags of mulch!  If you have experience driving a box truck and can spare 2-4 hours between 6AM and Noon on the sale date, please reach out to our Coordinators. We don't always rent box trucks so you may not see the position listed on our Sign Up Genius page.  We would need people willing to pick up the truck before the sale, drop it off after the sale, and drive it during the sale.


Forklift Operators (2-4)

This is not a published volunteer position. If you have experience operating a forklift, we'd like to add you to the short list of forklift volunteers we call directly to schedule.  

Delivery Crew (40-60)

Delivery workers ride with our Delivery Drivers.


They are responsible for making sure the right number of bags are loaded into the truck and unloading the right amount of bags where the customer specifies on their property.

Loading Bay Supervisors (10-15)

Loading Bay Supervisors are responsible for making sure the Loading Bay Workers and Delivery Workers count and load the correct number of bags into each delivery vehicle.  They are also responsible for repairing damaged bags and reporting any bags that are damaged beyond repair.

Loading Bay Crew (20-40)

Loading Bay Workers are responsible for counting and loading each delivery vehicle with the correct number of bags of mulch.  They are also responsible for reporting and repairing damaged bags.

Delivery Day Volunteer Supervisor (1-3)

Delivery Day Volunteer Supervisors welcome volunteers and direct them to their post.  They are responsible for re-distributing volunteers as needed on delivery day as well as signing for our student volunteers' service hour credits.

Delivery Day Hospitality Worker (3-5)

Hospitality Workers are responsible for maintaining the hospitality table on delivery day.  They are also responsible for making sure that volunteers have an opportunity to visit the table during slow periods and delivering food and beverages to the workers who are not able to take a break to visit the table.  They are also responsible for setup and breakdown of the table; as well as ensuring items stay stocked and the tables and parking lot remain clean and clear of trash.